Russo Farm

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Hi my name is Giuseppe Russo and I am the owner of the homonymous agricultural company producing "Limone dell'Etna", a Sicilian limonicola production that extends in the territories between Taormina and Catania, and is currently being recognized as a PGI and currently a Collective Geographical Mark.

"I inherit the passion of lemon growing from my ancestors who among the first in the area of Acireale (CT) believed in the conversion from the previous vineyard cultivation of their land given the discovery of the peculiar production of summer lemon (verdello) possible in our territory thanks to the volcanic nature of the soil ".

Together with my colleagues and through this network, I want to make it possible to make the quality and healthiness of our lemon appreciated all over the world and to ensure that the area can return to the ancient splendor of when lemon growing and its activities had allowed make this part of Sicily prosperous, famous and proud.