Torrisi Davide Farm

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My name is Davide Torrisi, I am 30 years old and I am a young farmer member of the Etna's business network.

My farm, carried on with love for three generations, is located on the Ionian coast of Etna in the territory of Acireale and Riposto and specializes in the production of organic lemons belonging mainly to the white zagara feminello cultivar.

Thanks to a gradual harvesting program that starts from the primofiore, continues with the bianchetto and finally reaches the verdello, the excellence of Acese lemon growing, there is a balanced distribution of fresh fruit throughout the entire production period.

The choice to run the company in an organic production regime is motivated by the great passion for nature and the profound respect for the environment that I have always cultivated in order to turn our gaze to a new, more eco-sustainable form of agriculture.

On this path and with these principles, I intend to continue together with the network this path of promotion and marketing aimed at guaranteeing the consumer the best organoleptic properties of this wonderful fruit which is the lemon.

Azienda Agricola Davide Torrisi

Azienda Agricola Davide Torrisi